Was working on something with Public Lab on github and I saw this <3

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    bullshit, an AI wrote this

    we're all going down
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    I would always use "creature" instead of "monster," "mob," "animal," etc. because it sounded nicer and made my devs think about how the creature would actually behave.
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    I use "peasants" because it's more accurate.
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    Yep. That’s just code for “who to kill first.”
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    My app resources for fundamonium are ‘people’ ‘places’ and ‘things’ (person,place,thing). Haha
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    I call them abusers, because they break everything.
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    Aren't admins people too? :(
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    “human_beings” is more human than “people”

    “non_binary_identified_human_being” is even better

    So instead of:
    for (user_a, user_b) in userbase_pairs:
    If user_relates(user_a, user_b):

    It’s better to write it like this:
    for (non_binary_identified_human_being_a, non_binary_identified_human_being_b) in non_binary_identified_human_being _base_pairs:
    If non_binary_identified_human_being_relates(non_binary_identified_human_being_a, non_binary_identified_human_being_b):
    non_binary_identified_human_beings.add Non_binary_identified_human_being(non_binary_identified_human_being)
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    @toriyuno but I dont identify as a human peing, im more of a crossover between an chimpansee and a owl
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