I hate people who don't value transparent and assertive communication. I'm saying this thinking about an specific client.

This client is a boss of Web agency, and has some contractors working on their projects. I worked for them for a year, doing Web projects from scratch and also maintenance.

Then, one week, the communication stopped. No answers, no feedback, nothing. For months. They ghosted me.

I tried contact a few times with no luck. After 3 months, they started to remove me from slack, git, base camp.

And that's it. I was discarded and it seems I don't even deserved a message to be aware of that.

I don't mind to end business relationship anytime, for any reason. There are lot of reasons a working relationship would not work, and that's OK. We should have partners that are a great fit for us.

But at least say it. Ghosting is something ridiculous and unethical.

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    That sucks. So how was your payment setup with them in those 3 months?

    If other party was paying me while they were ignoring me, I have no complaints.
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    I strongly believe such comportement must be made public.
    Not such as modern voting machines like kununu etc whitewash and publish.
    Butt the real hard facts superfluous enterprises play on markets they don't belong to and employees they don't deserve.
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    Such low standards! Their loss
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    What did you do? Did you bite 'em?
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    contractors man... sometimes they do jack shit... sorry to hear this
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