A foolish choice

I have 2 partitions in one HDD that both have windows installed (dual booted), one for me and my younger brother. Earlier, I tried to rename his Windows folder (the one on the root) and I thought it will remove the dual boot and go straight to my OS.

But to my surprise, I can't boot to my OS either. Where did I go wrong? HELP!

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    Rename it back to Windows?
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    @asgs I kinda did that, but the boot option is still not showing.
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    This is why it's risky to install Windows and other OS on the same HDD - when you renamed that folder Windows attempted to do boot repair on next startup and probably wrecked the GRUB entries... you can probably still access all your linux distro files if you boot from a live disk and mount those partitions manually. Tho I'm not entirely sure how to fix startup problems (I don't want to make things worse for you). You may need to chroot into your broken linux distro install and do GRUB repairs by reinstalling GRUB... but this may wreck Windows boot, hence maybe it's best to back up the files and do a clean reinstall of either OSes. Do a data backup anyway so you don't loose any important files.
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    @irene you're right - I was completely oblivious to that fact and automatically assumed that dual boot would be set up with linux distro as one of those boot options...
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    @theKarlisK hmm thanks for the tip but I already tried to reinstall a fresh one with another HDD and backup my files. The reason why I renamed the Windows folder is too try and see if it can be removed from the dual boot screen on startup. I'm trying to install 2 Windows OS an 1 on the other one to see if I can choose 1 of those 3 OS' but I think I'll still need to rely on GRUB anyway if I want multiboots to work. D*mn this is so hard. Also can you give me a good tutorial for GRUB installation? I'm not yet familiar with bash kind of installation (like what linux systems had) I only encounter GRUB when I install Ubuntu 16.04 so it'll be a big help if you have link for one 😁
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    Why do you need multiple windows on same PC? 😶
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    @cursee I'm trying out things and I preferred not seeing my brother's account on my partition. He tends to install stuff and play his games with admin rights. Will cry if I don't give him the admin rights cause he can't play his ripped off PUBG game (ROS) or LoL.

    God I need this to work.
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    Checkout https://sourceforge.net/p/...
    It's a linux live CD but it's able to repair Windows Boot. You could also try with a Windows recovery disk (the process is easily findable on your favorite search engine, just type "repair Windows dual boot").
    Once you repair that, there are ways to configure the Windows boot sequence with software tools on Windows, without having to tinker with OS files (which you should never do anymore without knowing exactly what you do). A simple search should give results. But first, repair that boot.
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    Maybe visit uefi settings and try adding the efi file.. it sound like the boot loader lost track of efi file
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    There is some boot manager software for windows, but i cannot remember the name at the moment
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    @dontbeevi Easy BCD?
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