Fuck starting the project, what's it going to be called?

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    Hate that part as well. I come up with some dumb, unique name...then at some point later grep through the source to replace it.
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    @BobbyTables Just think of something really basic, then go to www.thesaurus.com and find a synonym if it's taken by someone else.
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    Just derive something nice from whatever movie you're watching at the time. That's how I did it.
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    Just go with X and name it later.

    Oh, wait.
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    new-project (9)
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    Take a word that is somewhat related to the language you are using, then derive a name from that word, eg...
    Go - went, gone,walk...
    Rust - iron,oxide,metal...
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    Describe its role, language and purpose at first. It's a Nextcloud client for raspberry Pi? Then it's called "PiCloud". It's a C interpreter written in JavaScript? Then it's called "Cint.js". It's a git module for Conky? Then it's called "Conkit". It's a social network that depends entirely on e-mail? Then it's called "Usenet"... no wait, it's called "Socimail"!

    You'll come up with a better name later, anyway. Just get coding.

    NB : could some of you remind sober me to review the shitty project ideas that drunk me has, please?
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    Code names for computer projects https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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