Windows Update prompted me to install the 1809 update for Windows 10 recently.

I left the machine for a while and came back to find it frozen at a completely blank screen.

It eventually restarted...and got stuck in a continual loop where the Windows logo would flash for a second and then instantly restart again.

The restart occurred so early in the boot process that I couldn’t even get it into recovery mode or do anything with it to fix it.

So I had no choice but to reinstall Windows from scratch and reinstall and restore all my software and files. Took about 7 hours.

Not happy!

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    One of the reasons I like a dual boot device so you get a chance to hang around at the boot menu to do other things.

    You may find it helpful to turn off the boot GUI option. (Though for some reason, it doesn't always stay off..)
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    Also, I find it helps to babysit updates and watch them like a hawk.
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    Yeah, this was in a dual boot setup on a MacBook Pro. I could get into the EFI settings and stuff, but I couldn’t do anything to fix the Windows installation – it was just stuck in a reboot loop no matter what I did. I messed with it for about an hour and then gave up and just reinstalled from scratch.

    Of course, after reinstalling, I was back at version 1803 since that’s what I had available, so I had to install 1809 again. The second time it installed with no issue whatsoever. I have no idea what caused it to fail the first time.

    Now I have it set up in a Parallels VM, instead of a Boot Camp partition, so if any future updates screw it up, I can just restore it from an earlier snapshot.
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    I had a similar experience with a new laptop, I couldn't access the log in form. It's 20 fucking 19 Microshit
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