Is there any reason to install daemon tools on a modern version of windows 10? I'm asking because windows supports mounting iso files, and I wanna know if there is anything daemon tools can do that windows can't.

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    Haven't used Daemon tools ever since they started adding bloat and ads something like 8-10years ago. Thanks to the built-in features I haven't had the need for it anymore either. The only reason to use it that I can see is for the advanced options to specifically mount an iso image with emulation options or something. Personally, if I need to access an image on a system that can't mount it (Windows XP or 7 for example) then I just extract it or burn it into USB Flashdrive.
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    For everything stock windows cannpt there's WinCDEmu which is much lighter than Daemon Tools.
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    @irene Thanks, I'll check it out!
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