For fuck sake!
Fuck locatefamily.com, just searched out on google my name and surname, both foreign and hard to even spell out for many, and it's the first time that I saw my data(where did I live, my current work phone number, name and surname) open wide as the second link of my search, fuck!

But there's a clue, at that address I lived for a not so long period, so I did search my emails in that period and other than my employers and government emails(in which I don't trust either), here's a list of companies that had my info(partial or full):
Only address(with name and surname):

Amazon.it with 14 other companies(for shipping)
eBay with 4 other companies(for shipping)
DUMA (LIGHT) di Adel

All info:

Overall there are 33(including government, employers and national main mail service) potential leaks of that data, with 7 in full exposure.

After this, I'm thinking how it's even avoidable to not leak personal data, because from any of those businesses I got goods or services that otherwise I couldn't without exposing such informations... fuck.

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    Welcome to the internet
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    Motherducking wtf this shit knows my old adress. Does this shit pulls info from for example shipping companies? Coz sure hell that I don't give my adress to others but them.
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    Impossible. So you can throw out your tinfoil hat and live
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    Does not work for me though. Can't find literally anything.
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    No results for me... (Yay?)
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    Another resource one is going to add in to his or her doxxing script
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    I am not in their public records, too.
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    Happens. 🤷‍♀️
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    Depends where they got their data from, they might as well have gotten that info from a government registry of residents in the country.
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    Data scraping 1 level higher
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