My girlfriend's mom has breast cancer, which started spreading. My grandpa has leukemia and I need to finish my masterthesis this month... I'm sorry to bother you guys with it but I'm really not sure how to hold my shit together any longer...

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    @620hun I'm sorry to hear that :/

    I thought about this as well, but my full time job starts at the beginning of next month, so I really need to get it finished...
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    No problem dude. I'm sorry to hear that you're having to deal with all that. Just one of those things is hard enough for a person to deal with.

    Venting is honestly one of the best things you can do, don't bottle it up.
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    @620hun ++ for the good advice. I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your dad.
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    Good luck 🤞
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    @620hun @undaunted damn!!! Sorry to hear about your loved ones. I hope things get well soon.

    Stay strong, this too shall pass. More power to you.
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    Thanks for the support! Sorry, I didn’t want to outbid you on your situation, I just wanted to say that universities are usually very understanding.
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    @620hun oh no no it's fine! I'm thankful for your advise and it didn't seem to me, that you wanted to outbid me. It's a fucked up situation for you as well and I wish you strength and all the best. No one deserves this...
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    This situation downright sucks. Please vent on here if you feel you need to tell someone. Also, does your University have some sort of social services / social workers? Maybe they can help you with coping or get you a deadline extension or so?
    I wish you a lot of strength, hang in there!
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    Is the deadline on a master thesis even that stiff? Don't you just lose a couple points if you return it a couple years late?
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    @CoffeeNcode thank you, yes I will probably contact the psychologists at the uni. I may be able to get an extention, but my full time job starts at the beginning of april, so this won't help much.
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    @electrineer sadly they are. I can get an extention, but there is a deadline. If I hand it in one day after it, it will be considered as failed.
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    @undaunted that's stupid. Where I study, staying in schedule is just one of the grading criteria. So you would only get bad points from that section.

    I'm sure your employer will understand that you are finishing your thesis if you tell them in advance.
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    I'm really sorry to hear this.
    I hope everything gets better for you, I'm sure you don't deserve it.
    Eventually life will get better.
    Be strong, and stay happy.
    *hugs* 💙
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    I lost my grandma to cancer 3 weeks ago, i know how you feel, its hard and painful, getting up each day knowing your love one is sick and you might loose him soon.., I wish you strength and health to your families..
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    Experiments have looked at drinking light water in addition to chemotherapy in cancer. Research on the effects of deuterium-depletion on living cells has been very limited with less than a dozen peer-reviewed research papers available via PubMed in mid-2011.[3]

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    My mother has cancer and I'm her primary caregiver. I am also pursuing a master's degree and have to work. It's overwhelming.

    If you can, try to see a therapist. I'm scheduled to one this Monday, it's from the uni, and I hope it works out.

    It's hard to help our loved ones and ourselves. My experience so far:

    I try to make things easier for my mom, being supportive, kind, humorous.

    Besides that, what we can do is to take care of ourselves as much as possible. I like to walking listening to music when I'm feeling terrible. Just 15min minutes helps. Rest. Eating healthy. Try do remain grounded in the present and don't jump in the future.

    Remember any small relief (physical or emotional) is much welcomed at this point.
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    sorry to hear that, life can be tough at times... it won't be like that forever though, hang in there...
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    @Gaetano96 thank you for your kind words 💚
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    @echonox thank you! And I'm sorry for your loss. I also wish you and your family strength for this hard time.
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    @Nanos thank you for the information. I will have a look at it and talk to the doctors about it. It looks really interesting.
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    @nanl thank you for the advise. I plan to see a therapist this week. I'm sorry to hear that... I wish you and your mother all the best and hope she gets well.
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    @erandria thank you, I will try to push through it.
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    My grandpa had a stroke this morning and he is unable to talk anymore... Life is now hell on earth for him :(
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