this happens when you pirate too much...

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    Or Netflix
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    Time for watercooling in all cables.

    2030: Apple "We are glad to announce this I N N O V A T I O N to you! Our brand new cooling technology will blow your minds! Here, let me show you how awesome this future-changing product is! You won't believe your ideas. This technology is watercooling your cat cables to improve the speed of the signals that is pushed through them.
    If that force isn't pushing you down on your seats, I don't know what else can do...
    Does anyone want to try it live on stage? Hmmm, you right there with the GNU t-shirt! Yes, you. Would y'all please welcomingly clap for him to show up on this stage? Thanks.
    OMG. I can feel a strange power coming towards me! Richard, my god! You know what... FUCK THAT company. It belongs to you now and I will be your slave forever. Teach me senpai!"

    This turned into a strange fantasy story lol
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- yes, though the physics is sound, cooler copper transfers cleaner signal, would not optical cable be better? And you could make it RGB?
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    who tf snaps a photo of a burning cable instead of putting out the fire first?!
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