Ran into a devRant user at a random bar in NYC last night. Super cool meeting you in the wild!

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    They must have been very large if you could run in them
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    @AlgoRythm ha typo fixed
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    How did you know he/she was a devrant user?
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    Won't happen to me ever.
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    @Codex404 he said he was a software engineer, so I mention I built a community of software engineers called devRant. He was like "wait, what? Like you made devRant?" I said "Yeah, me and my buddy. Have you heard of devRant?" He goes "yeah, I just read, don't post, but man, this is crazy meeting one of the creator of devRant like this." I show him a photo of our new super secret duck prototype then he offers to buy me a drink and I accept.

    Definitely a lot more of us out there than you think. The job I'm at now, one of the devs that interviewed me later admitted that he was a devRant user. Had that happen at a different interview as well. It's a small world!
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    @trogus super secret duck prototype?
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    We should just come up with a secret handshake or something
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    My suggestion: tilt your head sideways and make the devRant logo with your face :/
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    @trogus is that a thing, openly discussing devRant at work? I've never mentioned it towards colleagues, due to not knowing what the consequences of ranting might be.
    Also: now you've got me super hyped about that new secret feature thing :D
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    @eeee not a bad idea. Although you probably would look psychotic to those who didn't know what you were doing, which actually makes the idea even better.
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    @tnuhb exactly!
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    It's always a pleasure to meet people who use your platform, knowing they are real and you're doing work that makes real people happy 😊
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    I have also run into other devRant users already :P
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    We talk about DevRant at work all the time
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    Yoooo let’s get a NYC devRant meetup going! I want to drink beer with y’all
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    *cries in Oregonian*
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    @AlgoRythm ah, the ole' devRun-a-roo
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    @fullsack there was one a year or two ago where I met @trogus and @dfox, among others. I think we are due for another one!
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    @NotABugAFeature definitely should soon, that was fun!
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    @jOkEr-jAsE he went outside the other end as well
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    @Codex404 ha it's the journey, not the destination
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    Not likely for poor old me. Not many real developers down under :( only university graduates who think they are senior developers 18 months down the track
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