Interviewer: So how long did you work at your last job?

Man: 30 years

Interviewer: and how old are you?

Man: 22 years

Interviewer: you're 22 and you have 30 years of experience that's not possible

Man: and you are looking for a junior dev with 5 years of experience

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    The comeback is REAL LOL! 😂 Thug life
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    @Nanos I always had the feeling that companies and other places would normally go for what is cheap, not what is right.

    No one wants to pay. I live by that rule and even then people manage to disappoint me.
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    @Nanos Getting any job is difficult because we are just high paid slaves. Employees that can be easily laid off. Oh well part of life. Just move on and be happy 💪
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    I've been passed over for a couple of jobs for exactly that reason.... My 6+ years of experience are exactly what they want... But don't want to pay for
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