I posted a "Periodic Table of Human Intellect" I created today, and thought it was worth sharing.


0-14 = Dumb as fuck.

15-21 = Learning useless shit.

22-28 = Claiming to know everything. *

29-35 = Reality sets in.

36-48 = Fuuuuuuuuu...

48-59 = Deal with it and watch your step.

60+ = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course, I'm still in the process of testing the predicted results of 48+ - but, I'm looking forward to no longer giving even half a shit.

(* Based on everything useless that they've learned.)

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    I'm 19, so I guess your table's pretty accurate :)
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    @irene your birth certificate is wrong 😛
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    Omg, I thought these were IQ ranges at first...

    I was like... this is a tad harsh but I agree with 48-59, and 60+ makes sense...

    edit: it even says ages at the top, great.
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    @iamavalos - Just wait until you hit your 30's. lol STEM programs at that point, will be looked upon as rotary phones and beepers are today.
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    @tnuhb - Nah... it just means you think you know everything, based on the useless shit that you've learned so far. :D
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    I'm 22 and freaking out about how much I don't know AAGHHHH
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    @screams - Find stuff that's lasted, is still powerful/supported, and stick with that.

    Antiquated trends are just as bad as current trends. Solidarity will always be found in something so simple, it seems outdated, but isn't (and is only badmouthed by those who wasted years on one of those new trends that won't last.)

    I'm learning and applying Node.js, Express, MongoDB to a current project because JavaScript is cool. But towards the end of the year, I'm getting back into PHP - because, whether or not anyone will understand the purpose; it's a winner that's been improved fairly recently, and has outlived all of it's opponents with a powerful community to back it, and is also a solid way of serving up applications as well (especially when creating a progressive web app.)

    Then, with zero interest in things like Rust, I'll be moving on to Golang - which seems like it will have the staying power of PHP - but, on a whole new level.
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    44 here. Fuuuuuuuuuu
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    I guess the 60+ one should have a asterix after it and an explanation below like

    60+* well, every thing should stay as it has never been and fuck todays kids, they are the worst!
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    @Wack - I think a shrug is highly appropriate. They pretty much stop giving a shit, and understand that no matter how much advice is handed out, they're still about to watch an endless series of epic fails... with a glass of wine and a sliver of hope.
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    @Hypergeek well... Would you still give a fuck in their place? I know I wouldn't :P
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    34 and nothing sets in. Everything just keeps evolving.. 🔃
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    can't wait to be 60 and watch my iq and ego disintegrate
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    @bioDan that is reality speaking. Seems you are grasping it, hence the model works.
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    I'm definitely at fuuuuu. 37 here, trying desperately adjust my life to get anything I believed I would get for easy if I were just in the right path and trying to be prepared to start developing as main job (as I am still not sure about the future of the localization industry).
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