At work the other day...

Guy: "Oh hey I was thinking if you could help me with an application to visualize some data."

Me: "Ooookay...what did you have in mind?"

Guy: "I think we have XML files that could be turned into graphs...oh and we could add some trend lines. (Getting more excited) And maybe we could supplement it with live data...oh hey and maybe we could add real time alerts via email..."

Me: *thinks to self...there is no way in hell I am starting to work on something that he is literally coming up with requirements as he's talking* "I need specifics...so go take some time, think it through and get back to me with concrete details and examples."

Guy: "Ok. That should be enough to get you started for now at least."

That would be a big fuck no, good sir. Haven't started and won't start it. He has never mentioned it to me again since then.

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    Sounds like a project doomed with featurecreep
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    @HeadlessMonkey every sentence out of his mouth was feature creep :)
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    @BobbyTables oh man, you are real! I thought you were just a joke from the xkcd universe
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    'And never mentioned it afterwards'

    Sounds like a friend of mine who would come up with fun ideas and then never talk about them ever again and never actually realise anything in his life (moving to a warm country, traveling the world, make his own website), nothing ever happened :/
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