A guy who doesn't work on our project anymore, but still checks on us regularly just did this:
- reported a bug
- started explaining what's causing the issue
- realised the problem was in a piece of code written by him before
- fixed his own mistake, committed it and created a pull request

We all had a good laugh.

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    Good guy dev. Fixes his own mistakes, even when hes not required to anymore.
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    Quilty conscience
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    Well that's good... we all do mistakes.
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    Sounds like he actually cares about the project. Instead of providing insight and work for free alot of devs would keep quiet about knowing the cause and snigger to themselves while watching the team flounder helplessly hoping they come groveling at thier feet for help (*insert evil laughter here)
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    Ow man.. now I'm jelly.. he sounds like a cool dude.
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