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    And git too probably because the commit message is shit and the commits are probably not necessary
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    @Codex404 the commits are indeed necessary, cause we use aws codepipeline, so the only way for me to test something is to commit it and push it to the repository =/
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    Git interactive rebase?
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    @ArchanjoJr wait wut, no local testing?
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    Are you seriously not testing this query in a local db before pushing to aws?

    Talk about testing in prod 😟
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    Open heart surgery
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    I can relate to this a little, testing the pipeline that fails in Bitbucket but works locally.
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    Update query

    Update query new

    Update query new new

    Update query final

    Update query final most
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    @ArchanjoJr Well just put them into a branch and squash them at merge.
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    @iamavalos i work in 3 environments

    Local, staging and production
    Staging and production are both in AWS.

    No query is ran directly against production without first giving expected results in the first two environments. EVER!

    Yes it’s hard to get the data you need across all dbs, but then the local and staging dbs aren’t hard to generate semi valid data for, or if you must... do a mysql dump from production and load it up locally to test against.

    As for prod only environments, I do have a handful of projects that come under that, which I jump in and create temp tables of existing data and test against that, then delete the temp tables execute the queries against the real ones when satisfied it works.

    There’s always a way to test things.
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    @ArchanjoJr know your paine
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