I remember studying up on web dev by myself, got advanced into php and all frontend stuff js, jquery, css, html. Coz all jobs in the country wanted those exact stuff. I got a job, 1.5 years later tried to look for other jobs, everyone wanted react, angular, vue, node... fucking market outdates u as u are working. Dont u hate that

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    Or you can learn something new while working
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    @devTea unfortunately, most employers don't care about their developers learning anything. They only care about making more money.
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    @rantsauce yeah, I sometimes get into a few arguments with them about it
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    @devTea not a single company here allows it. If you wanna do that it has to be on ur own time. The time when ur too tired and just wanna rest
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    @AymanH the reason is also probably because most of the devs use most their free time for youtube and shit
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    Web dev is a strange place where nothing really works, and even if it does, it will get replaced immediately so that people code the same stupid shit over and over using ever new tech and hope that if they wrap up their shit using new shiny toilet paper, it will smell like roses, which of course it won't, no matter whether the newest shitty framework gives them a boner harder that Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood combined!
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