(After several hours of debugging a returned "mal formed xml" error)

Me: We found out your api does accept our XML only if its elements are in certain order.

They: Oh! yes. :)

Me: ... and since XML should not depend on order, maybe you should fix that. Or at least alert about it in docs.

They: Yes, maybe we should. :)

Me: ... OK

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    I like to think they tried for weeks to fix it but couldn't and then just gave up and now they stopped trying
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    "Noted on this."
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    Coming from a DB course, isn't XML structure and item order dependant on its DTD file?
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    @xaero that or some serialized DTO. What sounds like what happened in OP's post is that they rolled their own XML deserializer and fucked it up somehow.
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    @BakerMcBaker you're right. XML 1.0 specification says "The content of an element matches a content model if and only if it is possible to trace out a path through the content model, obeying the sequence, choice, and repetition operators and matching each element in the content against an element type in the content model."
    OP needs to stop whining and trying to convince others to do his job (in a sort of way).
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