How do you actually structurize _big_ projects and still use js components?

_big_ = more than 300 pages. Seriously. Not addtodo, listtodos and thats it. A huge fucken amount of pages.

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    Well it depends on what you mean by big with lots of pages.

    Nowadays I like to use something like Vue to split up pages and build them and stuff like that. Angular works too and it's a really nice way to clean up my code. If can't I let my templating engine do it by passing an array of JS file names and looping them like this https://github.com/inabahare/lewd2/...
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    Componentize all the things!


    "Components are the primary building blocks (bricks) of our applications. They're also a primary indicator of the health of a project. If you have great components, you've got a solid shot at keeping your project clean and simple - a state that helps you write new features rather than slows you to a crawl. You most likely don't need to lock yourself in a supply closet for months to hack on that (super risky) rewrite. You probably just need better components."
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