These two liters of water one should drink per day sound like a lot.
However, four pints go down faster than a hookers panties after she's been paid...

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    I use my fav whisky bottle as water bottle, so I drink often.
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    @ajit555 Sounds like a healthy and totally inexpensive way of life
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    Does 2 liters of coffee count? I forget water is a thing until I'm absolutely parched lol.
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    @Elyz Jesus Christ, I dont envy your prayers to the porcellain God... Two liters of coffee a day?
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    @gathurian it was a joke mate. But I do drink a lot of coffee. Wouldn't be surprised if it was around a liter or so.
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    @Elyz You never know... I have a colleague I'm convinced survives solely on coffee. I've never seen him eat anything in the 8 months I'm at my current company, but dude always has a cup of coffee in his hand.
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    Beer and coffee are mostly water anyway
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    Whiskey is about 60% water right?
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