Manager: We are hiring a new graphic designer today. Can you get him settled in, please?
Me: Sure, I can do that.
Me: *shakes hand of new recruit.*
Me: I've heard great things about you.
Him: *starts going off on all his experience*
Me: that's great. Let's see what you got.

Several hours later...

Me: can I see what you got?
Him: just putting the last finishing touches on this logo.
Me: is that MSPaint!?
Him: yeah! It's good right?
Me: um...

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    You’re kidding right?
  • 13
    Did it look good at least?
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    please tell us you're joking
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    Look people, if he is a professional designer he would not be using MS fucking paint, for fucks sake. He is a fake and should be sacked immediately.
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    @helloworld hm, what if it's actually Paint.NET? *pokerface*
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    @helloworld you would be correct. He was fired shortly after.
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    wait what? 😆
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    @iSwimInTheC If you need a replacement, I know how to draw squares and circles in GIMP, so... Yeah, hit me up
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    @Jilano we showed him gimp and his mind literally blew up.
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    I know how to draw round circles AND squares. I also can use MS Paint from Fedora so that the stuff I put out is *cross platform* .
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    Paint 3D will own them all
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    I still use MS-Paint. :-)

    I'd love to use other tools, but they are so complicated, take ages to learn, don't always work right.

    Whilst I can do the same thing in MS-Paint in about 30 seconds.

    It's like Notepad, why bother using MS-Word which I haven't reinstalled for several years and don't miss it !

    Next we'll be firing folk who use pencils instead of pens..
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    My mate is a proper artist and you would be surprised what he can do with just paint and pen tablet thing, I could probably get a pic off him if anyone is interested
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    If he's good then he should be able to design on a etcher sketch.
  • 2
    Proof or didn't happen.
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    Also in all fairness - GIMP is great, but anyone coming from the ergonomic wonderworld of modern Photoshop will spend 5 minutes with GIMP, then proceed to vomit until they drown right there in the office.
  • 5
    @Maer can confirm, had strong urge to vomit after giving gimp a try again.
  • 3
    @heyheni i get nausea just from thinking of those floating panels
  • 3
    @erandria Fun fact: You can easily have everything in one window by going into the "View" menu (AFAIR)
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