a girl from my class made a presentation and it was really good, and now i'm thinking "how did she do it? what came to her mind that she could prepare such a good presentation?"
and also, "i know that no matter how much i try, my presentations will not be that good, because those are MY presentations"...

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    No need to be so harsh on yourself. Anyone can learn. Just ask yourself what made that presentation good, and do the same thing
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    self criticism is the fuel of progress, if it only didn't make one feel like shit...
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    I have learnt one thing about presentations: know the stuff you are talking about.

    all the rest is more or less important, but the presenter knowing the stuff s/he is talking about is the base of it. it doesn't matter if the slides are polished, it doesn't matter if you are not an extrovert and have a good rhetorical adder. still, a little bit of training may help as well 😉

    btw. I am not a good talker, I always feel incompetent when I am facing a situation where I am not prepared.
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    and also she talks with so much enthusiasm and excitement. not something i'm good at. or maybe i'm good at it internally, but not externally.
    and it's not just the presentation that others are better at than me, it's everything. they know better, they understand better, they learn faster, they looker better... they ARE better...
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    One thing you can easily improve is seperating tags by commas, not using hashtags
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    take a piece of paper and make a list with two collums:
    Feature/Fact | why is that interesting for the audience?

    - for the start show the audience one physical object that creates emotions and supports your statement
    - one message per slide
    - use icons or pictures
    - breathe
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    @2erXre5 that's how I fended my bachelor's without any preparation and while writing it literally on last three nights (because I'm a procrastination bastard).
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    @user4592357 look, it only seems that they are better. They are NOT. So much in our life is just a facade with nothing behind, and so are other people. And don't compare too much, this is unhealthy and you loose focus on what you are doing great.
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    She probably has high expectations for herself and took a lot of time experimenting with different presentations before deciding which one to present. I'm also that kind of person and my presentations always made my previous classmates and co-workers want to throw away theirs. I don't like delivering half-assed presentations, this is applicable for documentations too.

    You can start by not succumbing to self-pity. It could be helpful to not be overconfident because that makes you want to put in more work into improving yourself but if you keep thinking "it will never be good enough because it's me" then you somehow already decided that no matter what you do, you're gonna fail. So what's the point of working hard then? You just accepted your fate. Maybe look at your presentation like you're an audience. What do you expect to see? What was missing?
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    @2erXre5 knowing the subject is indeed the most important, or at least knowing it better than the audience is.

    Im not a talker either, but if needed I can just talk about something I know without preparation. I prefer "demo" presentations over "slide" presentations.
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    i'm not even jealous of her.
    she's just a confident person in general, i don't think i'm that confident.
    many times i think that people will like my work, they often do, but then there are better works. and i'm like "turns out mine wasn't that good".
    also thanks for the encouragement, yesterday i was under impression of feelings, and just took it too far i guess.
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    Well the only thing you are getting stopped by is the fact that you are trapped by positive test bias( just like people test for thing what they have coded for and not the exceptional case where divide by zero may occur). That is since you fell that you are inferior, you try to check this by comparing yourself against best of better people than you. Then you feel less confident, which make you still more poor presenter.

    I had also this problem, then I realised I did better than half of the class. And with the knowledge of internal working now and then I used to put some exceptional case which made things spicy, this will be easy once you get to know how to be confident. I have seen people with no clue presenting stuffs (even wrong things) with such professional way that you start to doubt that they may be right. It all about confidence.
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    When presenting your own work, remember this while speaking :

    You are the expert - it's your work. Everyone in the audience knows less about it than you
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    @sak96 actually that's true. it's just that they are confident. maybe even too confident.
    today we had a mid and the confident ones talked all the time, like "wow, i have a great idea about how to construct the query" (it was a sql class). i didn't speak. a word. i was writing the script. in the end of the lesson the teacher said, "one person passed today's challenge". guess who that was ;)

    so yes, loud doesn't always mean right, quiet doesn't mean wrong ;)
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    But learn to present stuff at college itself. You get lot of opportunities to learn. In fact that is one of the thing you are suppose to learn in College, because learning programming doesn't need you to college.

    It always good to learn soft skill because you are what you present yourself to be in case of professional world. You have lot of time use it wisely.
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