I choose the reading book

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    Red any time. Or if the indian teacher knew english fairly well and didnt have such a thick accent
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    @Haxk20 There are exceptions.
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    Just because You couldn't understand indian accent doesn't mean they don't have knowledge.. Remember that the CEO of top tech giants including Google and Microsoft are Indian..
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    I dont care of pills.
    I definately choose indian teachers on youtube, because fucking manual doesnt explain other minor stuff that needs to be done.
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    @tusharfc the point is not about i can understand their accent or not and i am not racist one and my english is weak too !
    the point is that their accent is enbearable
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    Meh. That depends. A couple of podcasts I listen to and a few refresher videos I like are made my Indians, so I think there are exceptions. I’d rather watch over English with poor sound quality and echos and there are way more of those.
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    @tusharfc Now only Apple is left..
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    I get the point with the accent thing, I'm Welsh and have a strong Welsh accent which is why I don't make you tube videos.

    There are one or two exceptions on YouTube that have great diction despite being Indian.
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    What if AI told you you OD-ed on both?
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    How hard is it to change your accent...the attention!!!
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