Tried installing Antergos on an external 1TB SSD to give it a try after having checkout Mint, now my laptop won't boot from it anymore after having removed and reinserted the disk and it skips to Ubuntu's grub on my HDD or windows.

Ubuntu's grub does show antegros whenever the ssd is plugged in though, and then I get this error while trying to boot it. Also changing the boot order doesn't do much and it skips to the next thing on the list.

I'm probably going to overwrite antergos and try to use portable antergos on it, perhaps it wasn't made to hoot from a removable drive. Ubuntu and windows still work fine but ubuntu is on my hdd because the internal ssd is full of windows, and super slow.

So now I have a partitioned ssd that doesn't work and a grub entry that gives an error ugh :/ (and a slow ubuntu but that's not as bad)

Anyone else have any idea of what happened? I have definitely seen antergos work before packing up and removing the drive, so the installation was succesful.

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    I think you should have been installed the Antergos on separate disk together with it's separate grub config and boot that disk with bios boot order.
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    @irene that's what I did, I'm sorry if my post was a bit confusing
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    @alexbrooklyn I thought you used the grub config on your main drive to boot the external one.
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    @irene yes, I tried that after booting grub on the ssd stopped working. Antergos' boot did work before, not sure why it quit
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    It can't find the rootfs. Your ata controller probably assigns a different drive number than before, eg what was sdd is now sde or something. Boot from a live environment, finnix or some rescue mode from an install medium, mount bind proc, sys and dev into the rootfs, mount boot (if it's on a different partition) and chroot into it. Fix your config, either with update-grub or manually, but make sure the partition uuid is used this time. Grub should generally do that automagically, but double check. Also replace any direct links in the fstab with partition uuids or labels. Exit the chroot, umount, reboot, ???, Profit
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    If the disk is even there and working, that is
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    @Kimmax thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out when I'm back home, this is going to be fun :D
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