My former team opened two different positions to replace me: senior computer vision engineer and senior computer graphics engineer.
If you combine the required experience years, it's roughly my age 😂
Talk about unrealistic and unnecessary job requirements....

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    Someone needs to remove that feather from his ass
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    You could take that as a compliment
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    @Chrupiter I guess I could, but it's still frustrating. Because I think about the too many positions I never applied for, since the job requirements made me feels so under-qualified...
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    @NickyBones Totally get you. I guess lots of developers(me included) don't even try to apply for a position because the requirements are too demanding. I just hope that recruiters lower the expectation when no one applies. The job market is, after all, a market and the law of demand and supply should act on it at least partially. Of course, some requirements will always be asked.

    And yeah, we can always buff ourselves with knowledge.
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