Any fun self-hosted app or useful services you guys use on your own server?

For some weeks I have started to host my own git repository with gogs and take continious development into my control with jenkins and feel pretty neat.

Now I understand why my grandmother loves to raise her own food even when she could buy everything in the supermarket.

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    Wait till you host your own email server. It’s starting. Welcome.
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    @Diactoros nope. Everything but not a mail server :D
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    @AI-Overlord A Microsoft SQL server?
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    Mailserver, webserver, 2 minecraft servers at the moment.

    But its on a vps, not at home. My server at home died 8 years ago and I found it easier to use an vps instead.
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    Web server
    Tv remote (uses google home + raspberry pi)
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    @Diactoros Oh I've been doing that for more than a year now, it's easy!
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    @AI-Overlord Do set up your own mail server, especially if you can reserve a domain with your last name.
    All I say is firstname@lastname.tld ;)
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    Openvpn, pi-hole, minecraft, webserver, and soon (hopefully) a custom voice assistant :D
    Self-host ALL THE THINGS!!!
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    @filthyranter sure, I have 3 :)

    Using postfix server.

    Used to use qmail.
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    @Voxera I have one with postfix as well.

    I once used for a school exercise. Exercise was to send a spam mail to ourselves, first to our school mail (worked fine), then to any other mail server (usually gmail, but I used my own instead). When my mail server screamed at me (I can break rules, too. Goodbye.), I had a good laugh.
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