Alright, with all the horrible internet freedom and privacy threatening stuff going around I'm setting up a new tor relay, hopefully 2gb/s.

Already have one running with an average throughput of 2TB/day but another one won't hurt, would it?

Who else runs tor nodes here? :D

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    I will when I have income again.
    And if my ISP doesn't freak 😅
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    @Root awesome! I'm renting a dedi for this, though :D
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    For now I'll just use a nordvpn server in Switzerland, since I'm a lazy fuck and it should work good enough for my simple dev needs
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    @Awlex Well tor isn't comparable to VPN and the use case is different so go ahead!
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    Did. ISP told me to fuck off with that. Then i told them to fuck off or i will not pay and explained their own rules. No problem after that so i will be setting one up soon. But the fight isnt over. Keep the fight up !!!!
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    @Haxk20 I just rented a new dedicated server for this, not doing it at home :)
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    You know, sometimes I am actually happy that the hyper-security linux community that distrusts everything exists.

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    I want to. Can you give me a guide?
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    I have a bunch of servers in data centers all over, yet unclear if I can get away with running a tor node or not. I’m in the USA so running an exit node is out of the question pretty much, relay only
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    Once I tried Installing node.

    Was my last.
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    Got an i2p relay server at home. Might set up a hidden service meme site or something on TOR, but I'm not sure yet.
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    Haven't used tor in a long time, how is the speed and connection stability ?
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    @incognito still leaves something to be desired. Don't expect HD streams or real time gaming speeds.
    They just need more nodes, then the speed will improve.
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    @N1teshsurana Node as in nodejs or node as in a tor relay node?
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    Bitcoin node // NodeJS // xD
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    There is some really good people at resist.se that knows how to run high traffic tor nodes
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