I spend around 50% of work time on personal projects.

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    More than being risky, I wonder how you are able to devote that much time
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    I've worked several projects remotely... Plenty of time to devote to other interests.

    Working in an office I have plenty of time, too. Particularly the larger corporations that have a lot of bureaucracy... It's just harder to conceal your other interests
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    @asgs Self-employment
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    Wish I worked on my personal projects. I just procrastinate instead due to low motivation.

    Even so, mngr usually can't tell if i'm programming personal or corporate stuff and I can always say, it's a side project to learn the new concepts and it's not safe to test on company platforms/data. + They don't really care as long as your main work is done and you don't screw up anything.

    tl;dr get yourself a job, which allows you to kick back a relax from time to time. This 100% productivity all the time is just a direct path to burn out.
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    I wish I had your job
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    My old job was like that was nice at times. Now I spend 80% of my time "fixing stupid".
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