My work laptop broke over the weekend and now I have to use a replacement device… (cue the horror film music) …with Windows 10! (no, not 3628800)

So far I've gone mad about 20 times, including white font on white background, Chrome freezing on login, blurry font, Edge and Bing being opened all the time, displaying the "Users" folder as "Benutzer", despite it not being named that, …

I thought I could avoid Windows 10, I'll leave this company in a few months anyway. But no, the old laptop decided to die with almost the worst possible timing. At least it wasn't early May, then I'll write my final exams, including a five-day-project.

Also, who thought it was a good idea to put the "End" button NOT at the end of the keyboard? I've remapped it on three of my four laptops so far (one already had this arrangement), but on this one I don't even have admin rights. So I press the wrong button every minute or so.

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