I have those conversations with my coworkers about once a day. We use Linux at work and I am the only one with any real Linux experience.

C: I have a problem! I tried and googled everything already! Come help me...
M: *slowly walks over to their PC*
M: *copy-pastes the error into Google*
M: *clicks the first result*
M: *presses two buttons*
*everything works again*
M: So you tried Google already, have you?

When I leave there (it's a PhD position and I'm almost done) they will probably crash and burn...

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    They probably tried to explain their problem to google in their own words, in a full sentence and then gave up.
    The amount of people too incompetent to use a search engine correctly is too damn high.
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    *opens up Google*
    "Hey Google, how are you feeling today? So, uh, listen up. I have the problem that my computer somehow will not show the text on the screen correctly. It's all blurry and pixelated. What do I do?? Oh, yeah and Karen left me yesterday and she took the kids too!"
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    @gathurian bloody Karen.

    I find the lack of copy error, paste for answer method way to complex for some... well I would like to call them devs but I don’t think they qualify after that.
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    The source of 99% human technical incompetence.
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    That's exactly why this website exists:

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    @sagar13 Exactly. We have an internal chat in our group, when I leave I might just write a small bot that listens on my old account and returns every message it gets as a lmgtfy link...
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    @flocke and no one would realize that you've left.. hahah.. it'll be really amazing to see how long it'll be until someone finds out..
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