i'd rather burn a site to the ground to preserve it in its current state than let it devolve into a place for SJWs to basically outlaw everything because they're special snowflakes. It's about breaking video games, you don't need to say "well you can't use he/she/him/her pronouns ever, you can't acknowledge binary genders, you can't say the word 'retarded' even when referring to the dictionary definition of the word (synonym of regression), you can't send PMs at all because privacy is against God, you can't say/reference God or Christianity because #NotAllReligions"

just fuck off. We break Pokemon games, we don't plot to genocide the white race because all whites are cis racist Nazi cucks like you do goddammit


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    Burn it to the ground then and stop boring people with your pet peeves. You're throwing up strawmen all over the place and if you're this bad at abstracting concepts then I doubt your code was any good to begin with.

    There is literally nobody in the world who's said binary pronouns are out of bounds, drama queen.
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    @rutee07 I'm not a huge fan of nonbinary pronouns either; I'm actually kind of against them, but you have to be a special kind of stupid to think the logic in the OP is actually what they're saying. No PMs because "privacy is against God"? I think you just fell for a troll post. Most of the "special snowflakes" aren't super supportive of traditional religions anyway.
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    @rutee07 It isn't that hard to listen to what people are actually saying vs listening to what billionaire-owned propaganda outlets pretend that people are saying. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing, but you should disagree from a place of understanding what you're disagreeing with. Maybe you think this was strange, but I was raised to believe that civics were important and not just a silly game. If you have political opinions, you should take the extra 20min or so to make sure they're based in fact, and not just nonsense.
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    Oh my god, the salad has an egg in it!!! Blasphemy because vegans!!!

    Oh my god, guns are horrible! Quick, turn them into squirtguns, that'll help fix gun violence!

    Oh my god, Trump did something? RESIST! Wait. It's good for us? It can't be. He's literally Hitler! RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BETTER!

    Oh my god. A green hat! That's horribly offensive to the Chinese when worn by a Chinese person! We have to remove it from non-Chinese heads too!

    Oh my god, you don't like our obviously-leftist CoC? You must be guilty of everything you racist sexist xenophobic rape-apologizing bigot! Banned!

    Or my personal favorite: after learning that I wasn't a Democrat, a predominantly leftist dev community I was a part of mobbed me and ran me out. There were twenty five of them all flaming me together, trashing on all of my posts and contributions, and discussing if they should ban me. Why? Quite literally because I tagged a good-news post with "cw: good news!"

    One of their rules was seriously to do content warnings for like everything, even freaking bananas and cereal. Talking about breakfast? Better add a content warning! Also, the "senior" members, including the founder, often used CW's as jokes. Yet the community basically lynched me for tagging a good news post. Fucking toxic. It's only one example, but I've seen this to varying degrees from every single leftist group I've joined. If you don't participate in their groupthink, you are villified and ostracized. The same thing happens at Google, too.


    These all sound like strawmans, but they're actually happening, and with increasing frequency, too. It's a scary trend.
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    @rutee07 i've never met an SJW who didn't instantly call me a white cis male and try to hurt me.

    Funny, since i come from a long line of persecuted straight white males. I am, myself, one, due to the white genocide groups in the area always coming to the door.
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    @Parzi Oh!
    I totally forgot about the people calling me horrible for having children while white. It's almost like they're racist or something.
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    Today it seems that I should feel guilty and kill myself for being white male. Like what the actual fuck like I could have chosen.

    My personal favourite was being told that my ancestors used to be slavemasters. Listen man, I am middle eastern European, all my ancestors were fucking peasants working on the fields of nobility so if someone is putting people in boxes its you right now my boy
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    There are some crazy stupid people on every community... 99%

    While in a mission in Dallas I said I'm from Chili and then I became Mexican.. And one really stupid motherfucker even ask me if I was legally in the USA...

    Once I said I'm an atheist. And a whole lot of shit heads started to tell me to accept God in my heart... But I already have too many imaginary friends...

    And I won't talk about all the stupid ignorant comments people said about French people. I'm also French...

    When I told people I like guns and to shoot, in shooting ranges. I was a fucking psycho murderer.
    When I said I thought that having guns in your house was stupid...Same kind of answer...

    When you're white male heterosexual and could go to college, you're lucky. I'm fucking lucky.
    Just try to understand others, and remember "understand" and "accept" aren't synonyms.
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    @jotamontecino Tell me about it; I'm a liberal gun owner. Tell that to an American in 2019 and their heads will explode. People these days have no sense of nuance and don't know how to think out issues on their own. They only know what their local news outlets tell them.
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    @Root This is beneath you, really. What you're saying is that you're letting other people control you because they annoy you. So the fuck what? I guarantee there are annoying people of literally every political stripe. You're perfectly free to shut them off, shut them down and form your own opinions free of them. There is absolutely 100% some crazies in the left wing that piss me off but my strategy so far has been to ignore them and push them out of any orgs I'm in. Most people, even people who are "weird" in some way, are not this annoying and are willing to set aside personal shit to deal with the real problems.

    If everyone who's not okay with the zeitgeist stays home, then the zeitgeist becomes the new norm.
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    Had to actually make a new account om devrant, stumbled in too many political discussions here and some leftys chased my account and downvoted everything I did and spammed the comments with how racist I am. Well new account and fewer political discussions in the future.
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    @HollowKitty That's mostly what I do, but when they're the majority in a group (or in leadership positions / positions of power), leaving is the only thing that works. Even trying to talk to them is counterproductive.
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    Tell them that vacciness and modern drugs are bad cuz they are produced by big companies, force them to buy bio, "non gmo" products so they have to overpay. And leave the rest for the natural selection.
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    @jennytengsonM Completely agreed.

    Also: "CW" stands for "content warning," like "TW" is for "trigger warning." CWs are less severe and applicable to everything. (Might as well be content tags with how they insisted everyone use them.)

    The reasoning for the CWs for bananas and cereal when talking about breakfast was because "some members might be on a strict diet and dont want to be reminded about food, or might love these things but can't eat them for medical reasons." (Direct quote as best I can remember)
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    @jennytengsonM That's the point, isn't it? To make everything people do against the rules so they can selectively enforce them? That seems to be the goal, at least.
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