Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Pluralsight, and FreeCodeCamp are all kinda garbage.

Has anyone tried Team Treehouse?

I have a strong feeling that Udacity is the best thing that I've ever discovered in my learning life.

Can you share other online courses I haven't mentioned? Thanks.

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    @ihatecomputers great! i've tried it a bit before. it was good, too. i like that they separate them into smaller chunks so you can digest the topics easily.
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    I've only tried udemy and Udacity. I'll never try udemy again. Udacity so far is good.
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    What is wrong with freecodecamp?
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    Welcome to tutorial purgatory
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    What's wrong with Udemy? I haven't really tried anything else but also never have I seen a necessity to do so.
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    I'm currently doing a pretty nice course on udemy. Thing with udemy is, imho, that it somewhat lacks quality control. So you gotta be very selective on what you pick.
    Edit: Laracast for Laravel, as well as vueschools and vuemastery for vueJS have good quality courses too. They're not free, but worth the money I think.
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    Codecademy as an intro

    Datacamp, LinuxAcademy

    Hackerrank to have some fun

    But I don't get if you hate the platform or the courses. If it's the courses, you must do the quality control - watch the sample of the class, check bio of the teacher. If you won't like even his voice or the accent will make it difficult to understand you'll suffer through the whole course.

    Also it depends on the focus of the course. Example would by Coursera Python courses. While the Rice University goes deep with practical exercises, Michigan Uni on the same topics goes wide and covers a lot but not in detail.

    Of course with platforms like Udemy avoid buying courses, which are not discounted. They're most of the time; haven't encountered any which would justify full price so far.

    AVOID EDUCBA and similar. Or not if you like somebody teaching you how to install Notepad++ and Python in 20 min video.
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    btw looks like this web has reviews for some of the MooC platforms (not all though), which might also help you to decide

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    There are good and bad courses on all these plattforms.
    Its like saying youtube is bad even though it does have thousands of useful videos
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