I choose framework

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    Then you are not a designer. Nothing wrong with that. But slapping bootstrap just ain't the same as being able to roll your own stuff.
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    I understand why frameworks are useful but I really hate them.

    I don't have a concrete reason other than the fact that no matter how careful you are or how clever you are, you'll always have to add or change how they work to make it do what you want. If you're going to be creating anything remotely artistic and custom, that means making something more bloated than it needs to be.

    Fuck frameworks.
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    Prefer Foundation 5, though I can't use that one anymore since security requirements require a later version of jQuery than it is written for. Foundation 6 has been a bit of a pain because it took everything I liked about 5 and "improved" it.
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    Bootstrap is good, but I'm still a vanilla guy at heart.
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    @AleCx04 yes, its better to hardcode than use frameworks because it contains large files sometimes
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    @Unirises er...no that is not the reason why you would go by hardcoding your own stylesheets. But it can certainly be one of them!
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    and what is Bootstrap other than CSS in the first place?
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