Google's Android keyboard suggestions are shit, and getting worse. our

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    Get a proper keyboard. Gboard is useless. I use SwiftKey and it's very nice
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    Any android keyboard is shit compared to the one from Windows 10 mobile
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    Switch back to t9
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    It's probably just suggesting what you use to type
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    You haven't taught it well.
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    I switched to Gboard from Swiftkey, because I thought Swiftkey was useless. Of the two, I prefer Gboard.
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    Am I the only one who prefers the stock Samsung Keyboard? By a lot, even.
    Tried both GBoard and Swiftkey, and I absolutely hated both. Samsung's, on the other hand, is far more compact and yet far more accurate for typing (and the symbols keyboard actually makes fucking sense!)
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    I use the now extinct Swype. I still love it
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    @carlos4068 I remember Swype. I was disappointed that I couldn't find it for the iPhone. Now I know why.
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    @iAmNaN yeah, it's kinda frustrating. If I wipe my phone clean, I have to install it using an apk, and I can't connect to their (defunct) server to use a theme that I like.
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    New penis in the house!
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    aI WiL tAkE oUr jEbS
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    @ScriptCoded I would agree with you if I wasn't so extremely certain I have never in my life used the phrase "our penis." I'm not saying I don't use the word penis, and I will readily admit I color my language so much that Crayola would sue me. I say penis a lot, probably. However I am very single, and so the phrase "our penis" is definitely not something that I would have ever arrived at.

    I imagine Google just assumes I'll say "penis" literally every other word, perhaps? As if the algorithm thought to itself, "he hasn't used the p-word in almost two sentences. Statistically, the next word MUST be penis."
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    @stisch It's probably guessing based on words RELATED to, but not exactly equivalent to "our"

    Machine learning is a hack, and stuff like this is proof :)

    Our brains work differently from machine learning, and trying to replicate human tasks on a machine will never be perfect. Hence, predictive text is often retarded as all fuck.
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    @stisch Haha that made my morning 😁
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    Google's Android phone and I don't want to be home with you and the family are doing well and that you are going to be home for the day and time to meet with me and Vita and I will be there at the same time and place and I'll be there in the morning to see if you can get a good night's sleep and I will talk to you later I love you too baby girl
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    @gitoutofhere is the best I've ever seen equipment and the only thing that I of course but they gatekeep it because they are victims of the same rubber prosthetic thing I did quicker than the individual names of my garage door. It's ok I don't think I'll have to get him to go for the weekend but I'm going away party 😭
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    @gitoutofhere and the dutch are the only ones who have the right idea to make the most of it. If not GDPR is a good reason for it to be a good idea to have something like that.
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    Well it does learn from what you type so...
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    What? This is my auto-correct starting with Google. Lol.

    Google should be able to get it done before the end of the day I was in the shower and then I will be able to make it to the meeting at the church at the moment but I will be there at the same time and place
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