WordPress is the best PHP framework...like framework!

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    More like depression-inducing PATCHwork...
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    Remote root with preinstalled bitcoin miner.
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    @Root I have preinstalled a Bitcoinzz™ miner™, but I cant seem to remote you... 😢
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    You can’t use ‘Wordpress’ and ‘best’ in the same sentence. There should be a devRant auto replace that changes Wordpress to Turdpress.
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    @helloworld best avoid WordPress.
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    @helloworld WordPress is the best tool if you want something to help you kill yourself.
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    So far, WordPress is good.. Until you actually have to code something, then it's a pain in the ass
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    @benjictln or until you want to make a performant website and get caught in an increasingly complex and time consuming web of plugins, themes, security holes, updates, backups and fuckups.
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    @Fast-Nop I've seen things... bad things... the nightmares...
    20+ plugins installed, no clue which was for what... fucking customers... they should never get backend access... imbeciles...
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    @PonySlaystation lol@PonySlaystation when you have 20 plugins installed and doing nothing except adding script doing useful stuff like loading useless css and js and you are afraid of deactivating them because they would break something lol, that's the life, happy WordPress day
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    @PonySlaystation and 20 plugins is not even the record. I once read a Reddit thread where someone ranted about a site he was supposed to deal with that had 80 plugins, only to have another guy chime in who had encountered over 300 (three hundred) plugins in the wild!

    All of that multiplied by the fact that even themes can introduce security holes - I mean how fucked up is that?
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