Project ideas for CS student using java at university.

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    Use C++.

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    Well that depends on what you're trying to accomplish? Do you want a project to practice Java? To practice a specific CS topic? Just a personal project to have fun?
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    First, how well do you know java?
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    build a sample SMTP client..
    an app to read/send emails
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    Sudoku solver
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    Application that cleans the MP3 tags of a music collection, adds missing information, corrects errors, embeds the cover, and converts each file to the most recent MP3 tag version.
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    Switch to C#
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    1. Tic-tac-toe with machine learning (possibily with an already given library for ui or for machine learning or two groups writing the two different pieces).
    2. Program that does find the longest strings in a text that repeat themselves enough (write them a function that verifies when a string is of statistical relevance using its components as events).
    3. Project that parses a maven pom.xml and creates a dependency graph in a set of maven projects (you could write the function to list the graph or accept a text output).

    Essentially anything that pushes the student to face interfaces and libraries of which he does not have the code and use them correctly. You would want to release the description of the part you write in an API-like format and demand similar documentation.

    P.s.: those were written in the assumption that you're not a student but a professor. If you're a student then the idea with Maven could be okay. For something easier look to latin squares (sudoku-like problems).
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    @dotPy first semester using it....pretty much basics. Methods, arrays, loops...nothing too crazy yet. But I wanna start pushing myself further and start building some projects to put on my resume. I wanna apply heavily to internships in the fall.
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    @Arias95 a little bit both to learn java and to have a personal project. I would like to have a significant project that challenges me enough to put on my resume. I would like to apply heavily to internships in the fall.
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    @dcperez maybe push yourself a bit further cause if you really want a good internship, knowing the basics will not get you one. Start by maybe learning some libraries such as Spring for web development, it would get you a pretty good internship if you dive in to it and create some web applications
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    @dotPy gotchu, I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks!
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    I think tic tac toe is very good.

    That is because it is very expandable based on your knowledge and time investment.

    You could first build the game in a local program
    later you could make a client server setup.

    The basics that you need to play tic tac toe are very similar to what you would need for other games such as Othello, chrkers or chess. Which you could add to your client/server architecture.

    When you've implemented all this you could move on to writing algorithms to play these games for you. And with some time and effort you will find that it's really hard to beat your own code.

    Along the way you will be learning slot that is also taught at CS courses
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    @wiwe2210 that makes sense. I like this idea. I’m a big fan of automation and AI so this could be a step in the right direction to learn how AI works.
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