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    I see this Dinosaur every once in a while when I'm disconnected from Internet
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    In the early days though, man didn't have chance to force that t-rex jump over cactuses.
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    This might not be the scariest moment. Imagine there's a "Connection Lost" appeared on the screen... (means someone's program has just crashed because of the request ;)
    EDIT: exited -> crashed
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    I dont think humans lived in the period dinossaurs lived..
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    Today's dinosaurs are much nicer, we can play with and score.
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    @asgs I never see that small pixelated black dinosaur, however I get a light blue t-rex trying to figure out how to connect two ends of a cable together quite often
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    @bytecode not sure if you are joking, but where do you see it?
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    @asgs you are telling me that I am joking? You must be joking by pretending to not know Firefox
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    @bytecode oh, I never thought that was a Rex because it looks grotesque

    By the way, that blue color never stuck in my mind. And the mobile FF doesn't display that when connectivity is lost
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