Can we mix cocktails (of course not with soda) and keep them in the fridge? Just like how we compile libraries for future use. I'm too lazy (read Aussie) to mix cocktails in the evening while watching a movie or playing Ace Combat 7

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    Take yer whiskey straight, my boy. It'll put hair on yer chest.
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    @iAmNaN Whisky, yes. I don't mix whisky. I meant can I make a bottle of Negroni at once?
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    I'm surprised that nobody already makes it and sells I it in large plastic bottles. I read the recipe. Three ingredients. They lost me after the gin. There are only two proper ways to drink gin. In tonic water with crushed ice on a hot, sultry summer evening, or with just a hint of dry vermouth, shaken, not stirred. With two queen olives.
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    @iAmNaN Alcohol in plastic? Not my thing... But it's a nice cocktail. You gotta try it
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