I'm working in a company as fullstack developer where we use Angular for frontend, and C# for backend, lots of cool things to learn, for instance, we need a way to dynamically load forms controlled from backend, not something that is common but interesting to solve.

However, I feel sometimes I don't belong here, not because the things we do is not fun, it's just that most of the developers have very little experience with building web apps. And this means I don't develop as much as I wanted towards the web path.

I was informed before starting here, that 3 web devs would be hired including me, and they have experience with Angular. After I was hired, one guy decided to jump off (skilled web dev), and it was only me and the other guy left. The other guy has little experience with the web in general, but extremely good in terms of architecture and programming patterns in C#.

The salary is fine, but it's just I don't feel the growth I was expecting. Most of the things I learn on my own, which I've done in the past years.

I'm thinking that if I work in a place with skilled web devs, I'll learn lots of great things which I don't have to search all the time.

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    I feel you, as a full stacker I've never been in a group yet, most of my mastery comes from self learning, not really feeling that bad but I'm thinking if it would be better with someone else with higher skills in certain areas.
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    I disagree.

    In my personal experience, you will learn more. You'll also improve in other non-dev areas which will be very beneficial.

    As for the last phrase: that is kind of problematic. We as developers are problem solvers and a big chunk of what we do is investigate, research, and plan. While in a skilled team you will learn a lot, you will also grow to rely on your team's experience to push you over the line instead of learning to rely on yourself.

    On the other hand though, I know it must be stressful at times specially with deadlines, but I also see it as a character building experience.
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    @MrCSharp yeah, that is what holds be back. One thing is that I want to become a better web developer, but the other is how critical and useful the knowledge my co-workers have even though they are not experts in the web. This knowledge has made me, in overall, at better developer (programmer).

    So I fully see your point.
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