This is a server in my school and I was wondering... Is it okay to have a server everyone can access? There's no key or other security need to the room needed.

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    Not OK. Do some shit with it.
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    I guess it's just some switches, not a server
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    Yeah, I can't see a server in there - just switching gear.
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    ^ +1, looks like just a bunch of switches (though it's still not great that they're open like that)
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    Unplug headmaster slightly
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    Ahh right, can understand that the average person thinks it's a server haha
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    I don't think yoy people realize how much damage can be done by 'just' having access to the switches. First of all, everyone will be able to get access to the administrative network, just by plugging in a cable.

    Then you can scan all devices on that network, and knowing what security schools normally have, it won't be long before you have access to your school's intrastructure. By then you can do whatever the hell you want. And that's just if you actually want to get information.

    Even a script kiddie can do a tremendous amount of damage, if just one port is wrongly configured.
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    That is probbably central hub for your schools network, if there is a server it's probably at other end of one of those cables... In my country those are kept behind couple of locked doors, not because the safety but because kids are nuts, they will break it regardless of what it is...
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    Depends on what the set up is. My school had an exposed server for a shared learning environment, but the real stuff was secured.... Well supposedly, we made national news for that. I say we because I was part of that security.
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    Looks prime for a layer-1-cellophane-tape attack
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    No one is going to point out every cable is the same colour?


    Ok, the fuck man, always have colour coding for your switch cabling, makes it such a cunt to trail a connection when everything is literally identical .-.
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    @lxmcf But it is so much prettier this way. Everything one color. All is conformity. All is normal. All is...which one is for the smart TV in the atrium again? Someone is showing porn on it and...oh gods! WHICH ONE IS IT? WHICH. ONE. IS. IT?!
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    I feel soooo tempted to do some pranks....
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    @lxmcf if your cable management is on point you do not need any colors. I personally like to have my colors assigned to a switch/function.
    Let's say server 1 has 2 links going to their own switch.
    All cables going to switch 1 would have the same color while the cables for switch 2 have a different one.
    The switches uplink gets its own color of course (most of the time yellow)
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    Yeah, that’s not ok to have public access.

    That’s an invite for you to do something evil 😈
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    Are every other room locked? If not, one could make as much “damage” by plugging into a random RJ45-wall outlet in any other room. No point in securing only the switches if the wall outlets throughout the site is easily accessible!
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    The door has a lock, is it really open?
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    @KDSBest you don't need a key to cause chaos, all you need to do get one network cable, plug one end into one ethernet wall socket, and plug the other end into another ethernet wall socket in the same room 😈😈😈
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    @err-occured you don't need a ethernet socket to cause chaos. Just burn the whole thing down.
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    We have one of those behind a panel in pretty much every room at my school.

    Secure? No
    Do they care? No
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    my school has lots of those in unsurveilled closets so that's fun xD
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