Suddenly there's this tight deadline, everyone's pumping hours in, I am the one that has to discuss with everyone and integrate their work into mine. So I schedule an early morning meeting with a colleague, whose work is crucial in order to continue integrating the others' modules.

30mins into the meeting, he's not there yet. I reach him
"Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention, I'm actually not available today, and until 3 days before the deadline"

Well isn't this great.

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    Fuck that guy. Did you explain to him why you need him?
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    @CoffeeNcode yeah, but apparently there's no schedule window where we could meet before the date he mentioned. I talked with the project supervisor and we had to shift things around a lot, butt fuck, so many workarounds for one guy.
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    How infuriating!
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    @shinypotato God that's annoying :/
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    The real wtf here is how suddenly a wild deadline appears. I can't really blame him for using "not available" to keep his sanity, it seems super effective.
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    @VaderNT this was mostly organisational issues, so you do have a point. However, I think it'd be much more useful to get this done than abandoning it whatsoever
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    @shinypotato yeah agreed, it depends. I'm just not a fan of management/organization going wrong and us devs paying for it. And I assumed that's the case here. Seems that assumption was premature. 🙂
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