There is a company providing a very speciffic service. And it has a core application for that svc, supported by a core app team.
That company also has other services, which are derivations of the core one. So every svc depends on core.

Now that we're clear on that... I was working in a team of one of the subservices. We very strongly depended on core. In fact, our svc was useless if integration w/ core broke down.

The core team had an annoying habbit. They refused to version their webservices and they LOVED to push api updates w/o any warnings. Our prod, test, other envs used to fail bcz of core api changes quite often. Mgmt, IT head was aware of the problem and customers' complaints as well.

So as a result, once core api changes we're all in a panic mode: all prior priorities are lowered and revival of prod is to be our main focus. Core api is not docummented, the changes are not clear, so we have to reverse engineer the shit out of it. We manage to patch our prod up w/ hotfixes, but now we have tech debt. While working on the debt, core api changed again, in test env. Mgmt pushes debt back and reallocates us to hotfix test. Hotfix is 80% done when another core api breaks. Now mgmt asks us to drop wtv we're working on and fix that new break. By the time we're to deploy the hotfix, another api breaks in another env. The mgmt..... You get the picture :)

2 years go by, nothing has changed so far.

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    Well, at least you're not on the core team 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @ScriptCoded I wish I was 😁 I would be the one who fucks everyone over, not the one who IS fucked 😁
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    @netikras Haha, shoot for it!
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    Inject your sub-service dependency to the core service and start having fun
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    I was once working in a devops team similar to the product company you're talking about. It's a one of the top 2 CRM platforms out there. It's a mess even on the pushing side. I can only imagine the complexities the developers face on the other end. Rhousand of changes are pushed every day so much so that it's hard to keep track. I believe it's the same today.

    Frustration goes on, only developers come and go.
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    but why and how? 😟

    I would write an email to every customer of that core to initiate a catalog of demands so that you could pressure the core team to version and document and improve the working together.
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