I get the mobile app dev job and they let me use Flutter to build apps

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    Congrats, flutter is the next language I want to learn but damn I’m so lazy
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    @neriald Flutter is a framework, the language is Dart
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    @mjones44 thanks for correcting.
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    @iamavalos true, but if often makes more business sense to use something like flutter rather than developing 2 separate native apps.
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    Flutter has great potential but isn't there yet in my experience. Also, Dart and its patterns suck donkey balls. At least I can't really enjoy them.
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    Thank you guys! And yeah flutter isn't that mature yet but I'll try to squeeze out every single thing possible from this framework. After all I believe it's there to stay ;)
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    @Zerocchi never believe anything Google makes is here to stay.

    Look at GTalk, G+, Inbox, etc. Also, parts of the Android SDK just become obsoleted from one version to another without proper alternatives. This is Google. It's in their power to build great things, but also just drop them.

    In other words: squeeze everything out of Flutter while it lasts, but mind you: in 5 years it's either gone or it has a successor.
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    @eeee yup I am fully aware Google have this habit of throwing everything out after few years but I also believe the community around Flutter can do something about it even after at one point Google change their mind and try to kill this framework. Flutter is open source, after all.
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    Sorry for which kind of apps?
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