Have to change out the audio player on a WordPress site for a podcast. Can't follow the code properly because wp forgets that standards are a thing. Code readability is shit as well. Fucking WordPress.

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    I have to work with wordpress as well and I just feel so limited, can't code any shit in wp. It's a mess.
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    Wordpress is a garbage dump filled with landmines and diarrhea. It's also usually on fire.

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    @Root CEO decided to use it, coz he can use the visual esitor to build websites and you can not make stunning sites with code. I admire him for all the work he puts into our company (marketing and other shits I hate) but damn, I feel lost using wordpress
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    @Besi My condolences.

    Suggest hiring a designer to free up his time?
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    Everytime I read stuff like this (including the already existing comments) I'm thanking god that I don't have to work with WordPress 😍 I have tried to create a website in WP (in a semi-professional way with an own extension and theme and so on) but I gave up after 2 days and looked at Drupal (at that time I started my apprenticeship and I were able to choose which system to work with) and Drupal feels so smooth compared to WP 😅
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    What are you trying to do exactly?
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