I hate computers.

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    @pxgamer Because I could have done bigger and better things with my life, but instead I got suckered into buying into the "oooh shiny" of the computer thinking I could be part of some next big revolution. Well, it's been 10 years and all we have now are iPhones, infinite scrolling websites and the same Moore's law driven 2 year release cycle at every single damn "agile" company.

    I should have switched majors when I had my first doubts halfway through college. I could have worked at fucking SpaceX as an aeronautical engineer, but instead I pursued some dumb idea that I could be part of the next big thing in EE academia. Why did I not realize before I got my masters that there isn't anything interesting left to research?

    So now I'm a slave to random wannabe billionaires throwing away year after year of my life getting further entrenched in a field I don't give two shits about hoping to maybe someday pay off my 6 figures of student loan debt.

    No friends, no money, 60 hours a week. Yay.
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