Do you know a good application to code like software program Visual Studio code, Atom and others ?

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    What language?
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    Well, first of all, they are called text editors or IDEs. There are a bunch of them, vim, emacs, sublime text, brackets, etc are a bunch of text editors, and then visual studio, eclipse, net beans, and intelij are some IDEs.

    Also, welcome to devrant!
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    @bohr probably need to define acronyms for OP based on the question.

    IDE == Integrated Development Environment
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    @bkwilliams ah good point.

    A text editor is a more light weight program, it's usually just designed for editing text.

    Whereas IDEs are more full featured and contain a bunch of helpful debugging and refractoring features

    (Then there is vscode, which is a weird hybrid of the two)
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    @bohr also a text editor does just that, edit text. While an IDE also compiles and links your application. But that depends on your language; some source is just text, some is interpreted, and some is compiled.
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    I use Sublime Text for everything. Coding, notes, string manipulation, etc.

    I have even teached my business developers to use it for everyday stuff and everyone loves it!

    I think my second suggestion would be VS Code, but I haven't used it much..
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    Hey @IamNaN do you use Excel to write SQL?
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    Yes, VS code, atom, sublime ,vim, emacs.
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    @bkwilliams lol. No. I use VSC for most of it, and do some in DBArtisan or Oracle SQL Developer. We will be moving to Toad soon. Mostly I write in VSC though, and use the others to run the scripts.
    @EnoDvrt, welcome to devRant!
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    @iAmNaN I use it all the time for wide tables for helping with INSERT, UPDATE, and MERGE. But I might be more on the script side than you are.
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    Visual studio 2019 and visual studio code
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    @bkwilliams yes, we are separated. DBAs are only allowed to do DDL. DML had to be done by the Business user or developer. We do three DB architecture and implementation, and they are responsible for what goes into it.
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    In all seriousness tho, VS Code is the bomb!
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