Previous job:
- Every dev needs to connect to a remote server, and do the coding there because the bosses are afraid that we will "steal" their legacy spaghetti written by the CTO in 2006 (the current year was 2016-2017).
- There are no QAs, because "why do you devs need mommy to look after your codes?"
- Bosses think it's our duty to stay extra hours without overtime payment while talking bullshit about a culture that promotes work life balance. You receive no bonus for staying late, but if you leave work 15 minutes early, HR will have a serious talk with you the next day.
- Bosses require "evidence" when you submit a leave request. For example, you tell them you're taking a vacation, they'll ask you for a copy of airline tickets, hotel bookings, etc.
- Bosses spend a ton on hosting parties for the customers while we're using 6-7 year-old laptops
- The CEO loves firing people for ridiculous reasons. Once he considered firing a guy because the way he walks is funny

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    Guess they would not let me go on holidays, since I tend to stay in the city, just lollygagging, and would not be able to provide "evidence".

    Anyway, how would that work? Evidence that I want to spend my time off work, resting, using privilege given me by the law? I understand sick leave or parental, but holiday?... I am pretty sure it is kind of forbidden for him to ask for that.
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    What a shithole. Some of those are even illegal.
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    I'm glad it's your *previous job*. I can't even imagine having to deal with that much bullshit at work
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    Leave and never look back. 😱
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    @irene he said "previous" job..so i guess that already happened..and he did look back, at least in memory to tell us this story
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    How did you not kill the bosses? Or did you? I would become a mass murderer in that environment
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    @blem14 from what I know, the bosses are afraid that we're talking to competitors, revealing the company's technology, etc. That's why they get suspicious when someone asks for days off. If you tell them you're just staying home to take a rest, they don't ask for evidence. Someone from HR will ping you every few hours, asking how your rest is going on, but actually it's just checking up on you
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    @electrineer yep, some of their rules is a clear violation of privacy. But it's hard to sue or ask for help from law enforcers in this third world country
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    @irene I did and felt a lot better since then. There are issues in the new work place too, but at least they're not so outrageous.
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    I sure understand why that job is your previous one. BTW was that company is situated somewhere in south Asia ?
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    @Xamenyap , HR calling every few hours ? That's ridiculous :-/ . I would shut my phone off in that case.
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    @AngryDev9981 the company is Europe-based, but the development teams are in 2 countries, one in South Asia and the other in South East Asia. Sorry I don't want to reveal too specific information :)
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