When I realized that web developers who learn frameworks and are skilled in both frontend and beckend development can be replaced by a 200 USD Wordpress site.

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    That's the power of software;-)
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    Just like a fine 15 year old Scotch single malt can be replaced with Jacky/cola.
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    But cleaning up the inevitable hacked website can't be replaced by a $200 one-click-install service.

    I've been working as a professional web developer for 5+ years now.
    And to this day I have not yet seen a themeforest/template monster/whatever based website that have not been hacked within 1 year.

    Those kind of services bias towards "feature rich" just compromises security to an unbelievable extent.
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    @theMaintainer I will clean up any computer for $200.
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    @Fast-Nop There's a difference beyween cleaning a PC and a infected website.
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    @theMaintainer Sure, it's easier with a website because it runs under Linux where rm is pretty fast.
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    @Fast-Nop Wouldn't you at least 'shred' it?
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    @phorkyas That's $400.
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    Having been a developer for more than 5 years now I can say, CMS like WordPress just provide a skeletal template to which so much work still has to be done, I have created child themes and new plugins for almost every project I worked on!
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    And skynet will take over the world :)
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    Just like writing instructions on punch cards or in Assembler can be replaced with a command line or a windowing UI.

    Layers of abstraction create productivity so that rote and routine tasks like adding an image to a marketing page doesn’t take 2 days like it did at my last job where I was fired for suggesting people use WordPress instead.
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    Wordpress/Squarespace/etc are perfectly fine for most business websites. A restaurant doesn't need custom developed website to dump a few flashy photos and a copy of their menu onto the internet.
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    If all they know is how to churn out CRUDs then yea
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