When I realized that people that talk about doing stuff ("entrepreneurs") make the big bucks, while people that figure out how to actually make it happen, make only peanuts.

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    C A P I T A L I S M

    dance to it ®
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    Entrepreneurs bear the financial risk, that's why.
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    No they don't. Investors bear the financial risk.
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    @danzulos of course and the entrepreneur carries the weight of succeeding....if he screws up big time he will be in a black list....
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    The financial risk is in many forms as well, when starting out you can barely, if at all, pay yourself, insurance / benefits are all out of pocket. In addition to that, you probably can’t afford to hire people right away, so you’ll hold every position that a traditional software company will have.

    I’m currently an officer of an entrepreneurial student org, pretty much the perfect environment to start a business. Why? Because even though you are working towards a degree, you can find a team of similarly minded people, work together in person during structured meeting times, and can have an MVP by the time you graduate so you can expand if you choose to pursue your product of business full time. Campuses are often great places to have trial runs and test out business models.

    The irony of it is that managing the club inhibits me from doing that myself. So if I choose to go down that road, I’ll have 6 months to build that minimum model, but I’ll also have the connections that I helped build between our organization and local venture capitalists and companies that are interested in the products our members build. The 6 months come from how long I have until I have to start paying off my loans, which is even more irony because i don’t need a degree to run my own business / build my own products.
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    Dad always said...

    People who know how to will always have a job..
    Working for the people who know why
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