Saw the Notre Dame burning. Man, that shit broke my heart. I legit cried watching it.

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    Yeah I cried too. It’s a very sad day in history today.
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    American, but stopped dead in my tracks of the software demo for a customer to put on the news.
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    Maybe I'm in the minority here but it's a building. I realize the historical and cultural significance but I got nowhere close to tears and didn't even watch the full 10 minutes of footage.
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    @AlgoRythm ah, idk have you visited it before? I feel it's hard not to take it personally if you've felt its magnificence.
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    @exceptionalGuy No, but I have seen many magnificent buildings personally. The NASA assembly building, the Smithsonian. The White House (Didn't go inside, of course).

    I just don't think buildings are significant enough to get emotional about. I'm not saying that people shouldn't. I'm just saying I don't.

    I think maybe the closest thing would be if the redwoods burned. That would be the saddest... Structure (?) To be destroyed. But it's also kind of cheating because they are living entities.
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    @AlgoRythm yeah I get you. I'm not a building's person myself either. But this one's special because it invoked such feelings of peace and serenity and joy and reverence and wonder and so much more in me, it's hard to explain in words. So seeing such a beautiful thing being destroyed was hard to watch. But I guess people react differently. I saw a lot of people yesterday who were rather excited about the happenings and filming intently. xD
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    @exceptionalGuy Well, one thing is for sure... Some construction worker is really having a bad day.
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    @AlgoRythm to be fair, said worker's business will make a lot of money soon.
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    @exceptionalGuy I've been there, and my reaction has been similar to @AlgoRythm's. It's definitely bizarre to think that the spire and the roof of this incredible and symbolic building are now gone, and it does make me sad to think of the art that has been destroyed. But I can't possibly take this stuff so personally that I start crying or something. Still, being personally affected like this isn't a bad thing, so I'm not trying to invalidate anybody's feelings.
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