Spent my entire evening figuring something out (I'm new to this) and finally found a possible solution.

Got ready for writing test code, very excited...... aaaaaaand noticed its past 11pm so I've got to go to bed because work tomorrow


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    yay I'm your first commenter 😁 also: good night!
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    Yay for coding excitement!
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    @CoffeeNcode Narrowly!

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    @CoffeeNcode Thanks! I don't want to go to bed ☚ī¸

    @Root If I get this fucker working, let the rest of the project begin :D
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    @Root absolutely! it's the main reason I do overtime regularly: not being able to let that challenge wait until tomorrow 😁
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    @linuxxx one step ahead of you, I'm typing this from my bed 🙃
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    @CoffeeNcode Oh, if only I actually liked my job! They would get so much extra work out of me.

    Then again, I really should dedicate my time to things that benefit me.
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    @CoffeeNcode Me too 😅
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    @CoffeeNcode Well, from MY bed I mean then, not YOUR bed, that would be very creepy right now!
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    @linuxxx unless you're hiding under my bed, I don't think you're here, lol 😂😂😂
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    @Root Speaking of, I might ditch my work projects today (again!) and start working on that logging library.

    That sounds like a fun project, and I'd get to show it off, tooo. I haven't been able to open source anything useful I've written before.
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    fuck sleep, its 3am here
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    @Root uhhh, you do realize you mentioned yourself, do you?
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    @CoffeeNcode Totally didn't feel like editing the comment lol
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    @Root I can respect that sentiment^^
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    Write it down before you forget 🙂

    Or stay up and sacrifice some sleep.. over time it becomes kind of a habit. Of course flexible hours and being able to work from home are a huge help, rather than a 9 to 5 job where you have to be at work.. I'd hate that, because I want to be able to work whenever I feel like it. Midnight system maintenance in my underwear, FUCK YEAH!!!

    But I'm veering off topic. Ideas, always note them down before going to sleep 🙂
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    @Condor I could make so many comments right now... so because this is DevRant, here we go:
    1. I immediately for some reason imagined a guy in underwear in front of a pc (thank goodness I never saw a picture of you, or this would have gotten really awkward - see point 2
    2. Google the German word "Kopfkino"
    3. So your productivity is not linked to what you wear? I have to be at least normally dressed to be in a mental state in which I feel productive. Interesting.
    4. Don't you miss having colleagues around you to sparr with when doing home office?
    ... I should really get some sleep now too.
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    It's 6pm...I just got off work..I want to sleep...
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    Im studying software engineering, 3rd year and we still havent ever even talked about testing other than run the application and see if it works. Im scared for the workingfield right now :/ also sleep is for the weak, but im weak so goodnight all of you
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    @CoffeeNcode Oh I couldn't work in my underwear, I want to be dressed at least 😅
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    1. There used to be some picture of me floating around in the face reveal posts but that was from before my account removal.. perhaps that's for the best then 🙃
    2. Let's see.. hmm, would it be that disturbing? There's worse things than that, no? I mean men and women alike are in pretty much their underwear on beaches and in swimming pools all the time 🤔
    3. Not really.. I only got the habit from last summer though, where during those hot days I'd be itchy for hours after a shower. So every day I sat in my underwear at my desk with an air-cooler underneath. I guess that positively affected my productivity? Nowadays even I usually work with my shirt off, because it allows for better dexterity.
    4. I've actually never worked in an actual office yet, so no idea.. but me generally disliking the presence of people around me (headphones on, don't disturb and gibe de muzik b0ss) so I guess that I'd be more productive when working from home?
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    @Condor your Gmail profile pic
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    @notAnkur stalker 😝
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    @Condor I am notStalker.
    you reviewed Alice's pink lady app
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    @notAnkur oh, right 😂 well it was a good theme, haha. And yeah you're absolutely correct.. that was the picture that I've posted here at the time as well. Maybe I should wear that suit a bit more often again 🤔
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    Good night @linuxxx !:D
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